Spider Fumigation – The Most Effective Way Of Pest Extermination

Spider FumigationTenting or fumigation is a popular method of spider control that helps to get rid of these pests in a comparatively short period of time. Though some people refer to this method as the most aggressive way of spider extermination, many choose spider fumigation rather frequently.

Spiders are eradicated with the use of pesticides in a form of gas. When the procedure is performed correctly, the target pets are eradicated.

Today there exist several types of fumigants that can be effectively used in killing spiders in your home. To them belong hydrogen cyanide, formaldehyde and methyl isocyanate. The structure is sealed with tape or plastic or tended with the use of nylon traps. The length of the fumigation may vary from several hours to one week. The duration usually depends on the number of spiders and the size of the building.

Choosing Appropriate Fumigants

For proper spider fumigation people use various chemicals, which are toxins and frequently cause adverse affects when pets and people are exposed to them. Hydrocyanic acid and phosphine are the brightest examples of gases of that type.

It is recommended to use fumigants that do not have a high level of toxicity, but are rather effective, or those that contain suitable compounds that work decreasing toxicity to people and pets.

One more important thing to remember: the structure of a house should also be considered. Some chemicals are more effective in steel structures, while others are suitable only for wooden ones.

Preparing To Fumigation

There is a number of dangers that are associated with the process of spider fumigation. For that reason preparation is one of the most essential factors that can protect from potential health risks, which are related to harmful gases and chemicals.

Preparing Spider Fumigation

To protect yourself, your family and pets, consider the following recommendations, while getting ready for fumigation:

  1. pack mattresses inside plastic covers;
  2. remove all plants from the house;
  3. remove pets both from the house and the area that is close enough to the house that is going to be fumigated;
  4. turn off air conditioners;
  5. remove food, medications and plastic bags that can be exposed to gases;
  6. open cupboards, drawers, closets, safes, lockers, vaults and cabinets;
  7. remove furs and jewelry;
  8. remove vehicles from garages.

It is essential to remember that pesticides that kill spiders can be poisonous to other living things as well. People, all pets (dogs, cats, rats, birds and even fish) and plants should be removed from the place that is going to be fumigated. Only proper preparation to fumigation can protect your family from adverse effects you can face. Take some time to learn about all dangers of fumigating your home.

After Fumigation

Usually fumigation period takes up nearly 15-30 hours, and after the term passes, you should air your house. Open all windows and doors, ensure there is no chemical fumes that still remain in your house. Clean your house with a vacuum cleaner and clean the furniture.

It is not necessary to wash bedding or dishes that were exposed to spider fumigation. Soaps, detergents and makeup can also stay where they are. The thing is these items are not likely to cause any harm even when used after exposure to fumigation.

Watch for the symptoms caused by harmful gases: headaches, nausea, breathing difficulties, coughing, fatigue, double vision and dizziness. Those, who’ve been exposes to gases and experience side effects, should seek immediate medical help.

It doesn’t matter much whether you are choosing fumigants on your own or choose to hire a professional, you should take all precautions that have been mentioned above in order to protect yourself and your family, plants and pets.

Choose spider fumigation as one of the most effective ways of pest control, when it seems there is nowhere to hide from spiders in your house. Its efficiency has been proved by many specialists. Now it’s your turn to try it.

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