How to Get rid of Wolf Spiders? Proven Methods, Tricks and Tips

How to Get rid of Wolf Spiders?Animals and insects live close to humans and sometimes cause much discomfort to the latter. Luckily, people have discovered methods to combat them quickly and effectively.

Wolf spiders belong to the most unpleasant “residents”. They can scare children and even adults. Moreover, there is a phobia called arachnophobia, when one is afraid of spiders but they are tiny and harmless. They are often confused with a nursery web spider.

Nowadays, the question how to get rid of wolf spiders in house isn’t a problem anymore. Modern means allow to do it in a short period of time. Nevertheless, getting rid of wolf spiders isn’t as simple as it may seem. Yes, you can be sure that using special chemicals you will not see a spider in your house within several days but spiders often come back in a while. It commonly happens in autumn when the temperature lowers and they don’t have dry and warm places to hide. People’s apartment or house is a perfect shelter.

Getting rid of Wolf Spiders

If you have made up your mind to get rid of these crawling and cobweb sewing insects but don’t know how to get rid of wolf spiders, the following recommendations will be of great help to you:

Go to the nearest household shop and buy everything that you need at once. You will need:

  • Special gels, aerosols and powders to destroy other insects in your house.
  • Dye or lime and brushes to make some repairs.
  • Silicone gel
  • Vacuum cleaner

Perhaps, you will ask what for you need aerosols and gels against cockroaches or ants. The thing is that wolf spiders like any other spiders live in places where they can find food. These creatures feed on other insects including ants, flies, pincher bugs, moths and so on. Therefore, first of all, you should destroy all insects living in your home.

Then take into account basement and attic, balcony and mezzanine. Even if you take serious and well-thought steps on wolf spider extermination, remember that they may settle in places mentioned above and go on breeding.

That’s why, start with a big cleaning: sweep and wash each corner and place which is difficult to reach. Use detergent for floor washing. It contains poisonous stuffs which are hazardous for spiders. Don’t forget to wash under sofas and wardrobes, then take a brush and collect all the cobwebs belonging to house spiders on the ceiling and in the corners. Perhaps, you will notice small spiders or spider eggs. The web should be burnt. You should know that wolf spiders don’t cobweb. They hide in floor and wall cracks.

Then use poisonous means like gels and aerosols to destroy other insects. Wolf spider infestation is possible if they are affected by poisonous substances. These creatures are very clever and feel danger. That’s why they can hide in dark corners if you don’t clean them up. When you destroy all the insects in your home, you will see that the number of wolf spiders has decreased greatly. You can gather dead spiders and their eggs with the help of a vacuum cleaner. It is an especially good apparatus when you are squeamish or afraid of these creatures.

Then make repairs. They are needed to get rid of cracks in the floor, walls, doors and windows. Use silicone gel for this purpose. You also have to paint walls and make sure that your furniture has no cracks. Wolf spiders can easily hide there. Unsealed doors and windows are good for them to get into your house.

 Wolf Spider Extermination

Then you have to clean your garden. Wolf spiders can easily penetrate into the house if bushes grow too close to the house. Theses spiders jump well and they will not take much effort to get into your house by taking a spring onto a window-sill. They can nestle under leaves and other things thrown near the house. Make sure that there is no garbage near your home and cut the bushes.

Don’t switch on lanterns in the yard for a while. Light at night attracts not only moths and butterflies but spiders too.

Citric acid is another answer to the question how to get rid of wolf spiders. Sprinkle it in the corners and near your doors. The smell will scare unwanted visitors. Place glue boards inside the garage. Garages are not sealed well and often become a starting point for many insects including wolf spiders.

There are also spider traps available in household shops. They are less effective than chemicals but you can use them if the number of spiders isn’t large.

The peculiarity of wolf spider is that a female carries small spiders (kids) on its back. If such a female penetrates into your house, you will be ‘lucky’ to see hundreds of tiny monsters crawling on your floor and rushing to the cracks and holes in the walls and plinth. You can try to kill them with the help of a slipper but you will not succeed much if their number is too big.

If you see that all your measures haven’t been successful and the question how to kill wolf spiders isn’t solved, you can call special service which destroys such insects. They will use special chemicals and other means to save your house from this plague.

Wolf Spider Bite

Wolf Spider Bite

It should be said that wolf spider bites are very painful, but not hazardous. However, they may cause allergy reactions in small children. Two tiny dots start to swell and redden similar to a wasp bite but more painful.

Don’t scratch the injured area even if it itches terribly. You will do more harm. You can soothe pain and reduce other unpleasant feelings by applying backing soda or some toothpaste on the bite. Use a cold ice pack to reduce swelling and take some analgesics to relieve pain. If all these measures don’t help, ask for medical attention as quickly as possible.

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