Cathmaster Spider Traps is a Reliable Way to Keep Safe From Annoying Spiders

Cathmaster Spider TrapsNowadays Catchmaster spider traps are considered to be the safest, non-toxic and effective traps on the market. These traps can easily help you to get rid of spiders in places where it is not safe to spray pesticides. It is ideal for office environments or food cabinets.

Catchmaster spider traps were invented in New York City (the USA) more than 50 years ago. They were created after extensive research in spider behavior. The effectiveness of this traps is proved by University of Kansas studies. They conclude: “Effective spider management is possible by using Cathmaster glue spider traps”. Even though spider traps are inexpensive, they tend to be one of the most effective ways to get rid of spiders.

Clearly, even a small number of insects cause problems for homeowners. They are hunting actively for their prey and rely on their searching abilities and speed to find food. Obviously, these spider habits are very irritating and annoying for human beings. Besides, some of spider species can also inflict painful, toxic and slow-healing bits. Such species as hobo spider, black widow and brown recluse can be extremely aggressive. So, with the help of a spider trap you will keep your family safe.

The Catchmaster Spider Trap Advantages

  • Food Grade attractants draw insects into a sticky trap;
  • No toxic sprays needed;
  • Kill spiders without pesticides or poisons;
  • You can easily hide this compact spider trap;
  • Spider traps will last about 3 month under normal conditions.

How Does Cachmaster Spider Trap Work?

This trap lookslike an effective hiding space to an insect. A food grade lure convinces spiders to enter the trap. The sticky glue inside the trap keeps the spider from leaving. Long term uses of Cachmaster traps reduce troubling spider infestations without sprays, poisons or other toxic chemicals. Placing traps near baseboards will catch those creatures as they run along walls searching for insects and mates.

Cachmaster Spider Trap

Cachmaster spider traps benefits and peculiarities:

  • Effective. You may use it for about 3 months under normal condition.
  • Complete. 60 complete spider traps are available.
  • Flexible. The traps can be formed as a triangle or a square depending on placement.
  • Disposable. Dispose of old traps with regular garbage.
  • Versatile. You may place spider traps against the wall or upside down because of adhesive backing optionally.
  • Poison free. These traps contain no dangerous poisons.

How to Improve Spider Control?

You should also pay attention to sanitation to improve spider control. Eliminate clutter in closets, attics, basements, garages and outbuildings. Remove trash, old clothing, old boxes, rock piles, wood piles, and other unwanted items. Clean up dead insects regularly. Don’t stack wood against the house.

If you suffer from spiders’ attacks, you should know how to prevent spider bites:

  • Inspect bedding and towels before use;
  • Shake out shoes and clothing before getting dressed, as insects can hide in tight spaces;
  • Wear gloves when handling firewood, rocks, and lumber. Be sure to inspect your gloves for insects before putting them on.
  • Be careful when handling cardboard boxes.
  • Remove storage boxes from underneath beds. The bed should be removed from the wall.

Spiders don’t travel long distances. They usually stay at the same place of living and wait until food comes to them. Place spider traps throughout the perimeter of your home behind furniture, in attics, closets, basements, behind toilets, under sinks. Don’t be stingy! The more spider traps you use, the better result will be.

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