Are Natural Ways to Kill Spiders Effective?

Natural Ways to Kill SpidersSpiders have always lived with humans. Perhaps, they did it thousands years ago when people lived in caves and houses made of wood and stone. Nowadays, humans don’t want to see them in their houses as they cause some discomfort by cobwebbing and their scary look. Some people believe that spiders in a house are a good sign which means prosperity and health. Nonetheless, most people consider them to be unwanted guests.

How to get rid of spiders naturally without chemical means?

This question is of great importance to people who have babies and little kids and don’t want them to inhale poisonous stuffs.

Before starting the fight against spiders, learn more about reasons of their appearance.  One of the most effective natural ways to kill spiders is to destroy other insects living in your house. They may be mosquitoes, beetles, fleas, moths, cockroaches, fruit flies, gnats and other pests.

Get Rid of Spiders Naturally

You can do it in several easy steps

  1. Keep the house clean, wash dishes timely, do not leave overflowing garbage cans. Rubbish attracts not only cockroaches but poisonous spiders too. Dust should also be cleaned regularly. Never leave foods in the garage or in the yard. Insects will be attracted by it and become a quick prey of spiders.
  2. During the repair carefully close all cracks and crevices. Remember that wooden articles like window-sills can have cracks with time because of temperature changes and weather. Water, frost and heat make wood crumble and split. That’s why change such important elements of your home on time.
  3. Ventilate the room more often, especially in winter – cockroaches and some other insects are killed at a temperature of 8 degrees below zero. Stale air is another reason for pests nestling. Moreover, you can get sick as microorganisms spread extremely fast in the rooms with frowst air.
  4. Some insects cannot bear the smell of lavender, tansy, vinegar, yeast, parsley, onion, garlic, mint and tarragon. Make paste of yeast and apply plinth and cracks. Learn more about such herbs at household shops and buy them. They are much cheaper than common chemical means but more effective and pleasant. Furthermore, they are the greatest natural pest control spiders and other insects which are completely harmless for people. But bear in mind that some people have allergies to certain kinds of herbs.

When you destroy all the insects, you will notice that the number of spiders has decreased. So, you can try natural exterminators to fulfill the task completely. Don’t think that spiders will die of hunger. These insects can live 2-3 years without any food. It seems strange and unbelievable, but it is true.

Take a brush and clean all the corners and dark places in your house. Don’t forget about basements, garage, corridor and attic. Spiders like such places to settle because humans can hardly disturb them. Even if you don’t enter these rooms for a long time, you will find tons of dust there. This dust is a perfect condition for spiders’ breeding. When you have cleaned up each room, make sure that your doors, windows and porch has no holes or fissures. Spiders can easily penetrate the house through unsealed window.

 Kill Spiders Effective

If you are tired of getting rid of these insects and want to find a really working natural way to kill spiders, try to make repairs. Use brush with stiff bristles to clean the plinth before painting it. You will certainly destroy several spider’s nestles hidden in the wood. Use silicone gel to seal cracks in the window-sills and window frames. Look attentively at each corner. If you have had mice and these animals have left holes, spiders can settle there. If you don’t want to resort to chemicals in the fight against these insects, use one of the best natural exterminators – vacuum cleaner. Spiders die in the dust container. This method is good if spiders live under the furniture.

House spiders are commonly harmless. Their bites cannot cause any physical discomfort to a man. But there are poisonous spiders which can appear near your house or even penetrate it. There can be different reasons of this phenomenon (long-lasting rainy weather or too strong heat, for instance). If you have noticed an unknown spider, try not to touch it. These creatures can jump high. If a spider has bitten you and you see that your bite is swelling, reddening and itching, call the doctor immediately. Don’t try to suck the poison like you can do in case of a snake bite. You can have sores in the mouth and it will make the condition severe.

They say that clean houses don’t attract spiders. So, you can avoid their appearance once again if you clean your home regularly.

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